Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Featured Author: Matt Gannon

June's Featured Author is Matt Gannon!

FTLOW: So, Matt, tell us a little about yourself.

Matt: I'm a young guy from a small place over-run by farmers and hunters. I neither farm or hunt. I do, however, like exploring abandoned houses, writing, reading, photography, and spending time with my friends (cliche, I know, but I'd be nowhere without my friends). I love nature, but I love technology too. I love to read anything by Nicholas Sparks, but in general, I will read anything. Although, I'm not one of those people that sticks a book out till the bitter end. If it sucks, I drop it and move on. Music is a must for my writing process, and typically, so is coffee.
Apart from writing for a living, I would love to own a cafe/bookstore. Or, I would like to start up my own bar. Above all, my biggest wish is to be happy with the one I love, and to be somebody who matters.

FTLOW: Why do you write.
Matt: The writing craft is a path that can lead a person many places, all in the pursuit of something, whether it's the pursuit of self-satisfaction, or maybe money. I wish there was some way to summarize why I write, or some witty one liner I could use here. There isn't. I write because it gives me a sense of accomplishment that nothing else does. I want fame and fortune because I am vain, but aren't we all? I want to immortalize my existence in the words that I write. I want speak to the world and have them listen. I want to reach out and change people. I think most of all, I just want to be somebody. Writing is my way of becoming who I want to be.
FTLOW: What inspired you to write?
Matt: When I was in Grade 11, I read the poem "Ulysses" by Lord Alfred Tennyson (, and it altered my path entirely. Up until that point, I wanted to design video games. I had did a bit of writing prior to that, and I sucked. But I loved it. When I read that poem, I realized that writing is what I was meant to do. If I were to design video games, I'd be doing the same mundane task every day, and I wouldn't truly be able to to reach people like I would if I became a successful writer. So, it was decided.
FTLOW: What genre do you write in?
Matt: Romance. I feel in my element with this genre, and love is a very large part of my life, so it makes sense for me.
FTLOW: What gets you in the mood to write? Music? Movies?
Matt: Every time I talk about Nicholas Sparks, or see his books, see a commercial for one of his movies, or anything like that, I get the urge to write. He is one of the people who inspires me most.
I am inspired very easily because I see things differently than most people, which is both a blessing and a curse.
Music is always a good enhancement to my writing. It allows me to channel my emotions and thoughts into my words.

FTLOW: How long have you been writing?
Matt: Almost 3 years.
FTLOW: Why should ppl read your work? Do you have a distinct flair/style?
Matt: I'm a different kind of guy, and it makes for a different kind of writing. I'm passionate... about everything. I'm interesting. I have heart and ambition. This is my style, or flair. I shouldn't have to convince people to read my work. If it's worth reading, it will be read.
FTLOW: What are you currently working on?
Matt: I've been maintaining a blog off an on for a couple years, and after writing my first novel (A steaming pile of crap, I might add lol), I moved on to my second novel, Flow. I also work for a newspaper here in my home town, so I write for them.
FTLOW: Is there a place ppl can view some of your writing/work?
Matt: My non-fiction ramblings can be found on my blog Matt Gannon. I don't post my fiction.
FTLOW: How can people get in contact with you?
Matt: I can be reached through Facebook and Hotmail:
Thanks Matt for sharing about yourself and why you love to write what you do. And thanks to all of you for reading, make sure to check out the links to his page and blog! You can also view one of his poems under Poetry N Shorts entitled Though They Hold Me.


  1. So great to meet you Matt! I really enjoyed your poem when it was up. I'd love to read your work. Have you been published yet? Please post the link if you are :)

  2. Hi Matt - nice to meet you. Pity I can't access your fiction writing, especially as I'm a recently 'outed' romance addict, but I'll check out your links and poem... I've just suffered a two week long TOTAL mental blank/block (thankfully smashed through it today) and came back on FTLOW to see what everyone else has been up to in that time. It's always encouraging to read what others have written. All the best for your future writing.

  3. Yeah good work Matthew I like that. Although you say your ambitious about writing don't you think you would be published already if you were as ambitious as you say. S.E. Hinton was 16 when her book "The Outsiders" was published so to say your ambitious is a bit of an overstatement if you ask me.

    I'm glad to hear you work at your local newspaper but do you really think writing about local events is going to help further your writing career?

    I don't mean to come across as rude or ignorant I'm just trying to give constructive criticism and to give you motivation to improve and one day maybe get published. Cheers and good luck in your future writing Matthew.

  4. This is just terrible. Skids and tron.

  5. big fag. he wrote a bunch of chapter one's and thinks hes remarkable or something. weird

    ps butter



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