What is this site?  A haven of sorts for writers published and unpublished. Here you'll find helpful tips, thoughts on writing, prompts, quotes, links to resources and a place to showcase your work.

Who runs the blog?  This blog is now run by five authors. You can check them out on the Our Team page.

What is Featured Author?  Anyone who is an aspiring author or a new published author can be a featured author, all they have to do is email us and we will respond with the month they will be featured and a short interview/questionaire for them to fill out. As of now, featured author blogs are posted between the first and third of every month, depending on when the days fall. If there is an overwhelming response in the future, we will notify everyone that it will change to twice a month, but no more often than that. Please bear in mind that this is a new segment and the kinks have yet to work out. New questions may be added later, old ones may change, so don't be alarmed if you are a featured author and this happens. At the end of the every year, there will be a recap of all featured authors to see how they have been doing since their interview.

How can I advertise my site on this blog?  If you would like a permanent banner posted on this blog that links to your site, please email us. We only require that the site be of useful nature to writers and not just a personal site. And that you in turn, post a banner for FTLOW on your site as well. If you would like your blog advertised, I will gladly add it to the blog roll. As for personal sites, if you are an aspiring author, I suggest requesting to be added as a featured author.

What is your book review policy?  We read everything. And while we would never bash an author or their book, if there it is a read we don't reccomend, we will explain why. We are working on a book rating system. Please be patient.

How do you pick books for review?  You! Yes you! If you have a suggestion for a book that you'd like us to review then email us with it. Otherwise we just pick and choose ourselves. There is something coming soon called Lit to Film. Keep an eye out!

What about Sunday Poetry and Saturday Shorts?  Same as the Featured Author segment. If you want your work to be posted in these then just email us. No favoritism. We post them in the order that they are sent to me and will send a reply email to you with the date your work will be posted. We do ask that you edit your own work before submitting, though we will certainly do a quick once over before final posting.

What don't you accept?  We try to keep most everything we post 'for all eyes' since we do have readers that are underage. However, if there is a blog post, story, poem, etc..that is of a more adult nature, we will make sure too put up a disclaimer. We have yet to turn anything away--WE DO NOT however, accept anything that directly attacks gender, race, or background. Discrimination will not be tolerated, and that goes the same for comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but we ask that if you can't say anything nice--keep it to yourself!

(if you have anymore questions you need answered--feel free to email us!)


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