Our Team

Ree Vera
Inspired by a teacher's not so subtle push, Ree Vera began writing at the age of twelve and hasn't stopped since. Her love and skill for the romance genre shines through in her memorable characters and their stories. Combined with the humor she injects throughout, Ree will have you laughing, crying, and falling in love from the very first page. Though she'll always be a Texas cowgirl at heart and by birth, Ree now resides in the Chicago area, often going by the name Minerva.



Raven Clark
Raven Clark lives in Ontario Canada and has been writing since the age of 12. An author of epic fantasy, she often blends romantic and sci-fi elements into her works. Raven has a thing for gorgeous, domineering, sinister male characters, especially alien ones. It's even better if the darkness is a mask for the hidden hero sweetheart but true villainy works too. This author has completed two novels, two from 'The Shadowsword Saga' and two from her second series 'The Champion of Va'halzoret.' She is currently rewriting Shadowsword, and her newest creation, The Last Traveler, is also in the works.

Madelaine Bauman (alias: Helena Cross)
Native to Ontario, Canada,

Madelaine Bauman (Writing novels under the alias of Helena Cross) began writing at 12, and has since then delved into the worlds of demons, angels, secret organizations, supernatural powers, and human hybrids. A fantasy/romance author and a poet, she favours the dark and mysterious bad boy who is the secret "knight-in-shining armor" hero at heart.

D.F. Matthews
Little is known of D.F. Matthews other than he is rarely seen without a pen and seen even less without pants. He treks the globe evading authorities while mining the earth for untapped bits of imagination. Approach with caution...or better yet Gummi Bears.

Michelle lives in the bustling metropolis of Mishawaka, Indiana with her hubby, two teenagers, and two dogs to balance out the drama from the teenagers. She writes fantasy and is currently editing her second ms to start shopping to agents this summer. She passes up the normal vices in favor of chocolate and looks for any excuse to reward herself, finishing this bio being a great reason for a snack. If you enjoy your fantasy worlds with a little romance and sharp-tongued characters, check out Kindar’s Cure on Webook.


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