Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Poetry: Real Promises (His Version)

by: Georgia

There will be pain at times and you'll want to leave
I may beat you to it, but only to breathe
I'll always return to the place I belong
With chocolates and flowers to make up for that wrong
Our children will fight you, they'll call you a tyrant
With a smile and a laugh, I'll try and deny it
You'll pick up my messes
You'll say that I'm dirty
I'll ignore that you get dolled up
For the mailman named Harry
I'll eat the mistakes that you choose to call dinner
I'll ignore the five pounds and say you look thinner
You'll tell me my hairline's receeding
But it makes me look sexy
I'll buy a convertible and cycle
Because I know that you'll let me
When it comes time for my check-ups
I won't whine or complain
For the heart that loves me most
Is worth any kind of pain
When our home is lacking the sounds of our children
We'll hold each other and relax in this, knowing
It started with us, alone and unsure
It ends the same way,
With my love and yours

1 comment:

  1. AWW! This was sweet and very true! I love the honest way you wrote it. Humorous and endearing. :)



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