Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ahh resolutions. So hastily quickly forgotten. Do you remember what your goals were last year?
To finish your book. Did you?
To send out your query. Was it done?
To create your own website. Read more. Write more. Etc, etc, etc.
Betcha you failed to do at least one of those, if not all.
I don't want to hear your excuses. I'm sure you have some good ones. Not enough time. Too much work. Kids got in the way. Nerves got the best of you. Your laptop broke.
There was a Gone with the Wind marathon on TV!!!
Ahem. What?
Now here we are again, at the start of a new year. Three hundred plus days ahead of you. Endless possibilities. You haven't screwed it up yet. You swear you won't. Where's that list of yours? You know you have one. What are your resolutions for 2012? Are you ready to tackle them?
I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you right. Did you say yes?
Then I have a challenge for you all. And this includes my four fellow FTLOW bloggers.

I challenge you to make 2012 YOUR year.
In fact...I DARE you.
Think of three things you want to accomplish this year and then post them in a comment below. This will create accountability. Be specific! None of that "I wanna write more" crap. That's not going to fly with me.

Then get to it.

I know you can do this.
Now, who's with me?


  1. My resolutions:
    1. I will finish Just Like That by the end of March and start on the third book in my series.
    2. I will publish my second poetry book by the beginning of summer.
    3. I will type up all my older writing by the end of the year. This includes old poems, short stories, etc...that I have floating around in various places.

  2. I always love a good challenge! Way to motivate me!
    My resolutions:
    1. To post to my blog regularly/almost daily. I have been working towards this goal and hope to continue it.
    2. I hope to continue to send out query letters to agents in the hopes of getting my book published. When I hear back from an agent I would like to get the next query out within a week, since the process is so long.
    3. I would like to have a book trailer for my book. I just started this process last week. I have wanted one for a while- but I didn't do anything to get one!

    Best of luck on your resolutions! Hope this is a fantastic year for all of us!


    1. I feel ya on that keeping up with your blog one. I hope FTLOW can do the same. Se have an awesome team so I'm sure we can. I'm so glad you're motivated! Good luck in achieving your goals! :)

  3. Following u now! Thanks for ur invite on Goodreads!:)
    Now about the resolutions! Hmm...easy to make, hard to accomplish!

    1- Write down all unfinished ideas that keep going in my head whenever I go to bed (as I woke up in the morning, I forget them by then!). I seriously don't get why all good ideas float at midnight..hmmm..something wrong with my brain? Lol!;)

    2- Isn't #1 enuff???? Lol! Okay, how about reading more articles on writing from different writing blogs (like URS!)? There are so many questions in my head so I always love a good helpful article.

    3- Make my blog more productive for readers, bloggers and writers alike. Tough! I know! But no harm in trying my best!:)

    So, Are my resolutions sound too quirky? :P
    Good luck with your goals, Ree and Jess!:)

    1. I love your resolutions! Fantastic. I'm so glad you stopped by. Hopefully you find some helpful info on here. Your first resolution is one I've been trying to do myself. Let me know how it goes for you :)

  4. Resolutions for me. Lets see...

    1) Finish The Savage's Bride (Romantic WIP)

    2) Finish Children of the Dragon (Epic Fantasy, WIP)

    3) Get down to a healthy weight.

    I am notorious for not finishing the goals I set, but I've already started working hard toward two of them. Damn it, this time, t'will be done! LOL.

    Wonderful post, Min. So nice to see us up and running again.

    1. It shall be done! I think this gives us more accountability. Putting it out there in writing. I'm glad we're up and running again too! :)

  5. I don't like setting resolutions...mostly because they never get finished, but one resolution I will set for this challenge, for 2012, is to finish my novel The Last Wyvern (or Wyvern, haven't picked a title yet).

    Another resolution might be to find a new idea to work on once I finish this one. Pretty set on wanting to find a new idea once editing of TLW gets underway.

    1. I like that goal and I know you can do it! =) new ideas will come, no worries.

  6. Goals:
    1)Write this darn query
    2)Finish Beyond Here by the end of March
    3)Learn to delegate my time better
    4)Enter the Chicken House/ Ny Times contest with Beyond Here
    5) Keep on writing =D

    1. Time...what's that? Lol. Oh I like the sound of a contest! These are some great goals. Love how everyone is being specific. Let's get to them! :)

  7. Goals:

    1. Send my finished novel, Kindar's Cure, to small publishers that take manuscripts.
    2. Finish my WIP and figure out a name for it.
    3. Find some confidence.

    1. You're a great writer and I know your querying won't be fruitless this year. You've got 2012 in the bag!

  8. If resolutions are a project ,they are always bound to fail. The idea is to make it a way of life. So for me- there are no resolutions. I will write and finish my book without any pressure.

    1. I wish you much luck with your book then :) Let us know how it is going.



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