Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Shorts: Bedtime Ritual

by: Michelle4Laughs

Smiling at his reflection in the mirror, Jorge raised his toothbrush. Brooks and Dunn blared on the radio as he slid in socks and not much else across the floor, toothbrush flying.

Marguerite came in and wet her toothbrush. After applying toothpaste, she pointedly held the tube high and shut the lid before putting it in the drawer and closing it with one hip. Then she spun the dial on the radio passing Lady Gaga and stopping at a Nickleback classic. Brushing away, she closed her eyes and absorbed the love song with a sigh.

Jorge frowned in disgust before reaching around her and returning the station to its origin.

Toothpaste running down her chin, Marguerite’s eyes popped open. She twitched the dial back and then blocked the radio with her body.

Jorge released his toothbrush to attack the ticklish spot along her ribs.

Spraying toothpaste, Marguerite ducked wildly away from him and, still giggling, spat in the sink.

He caught her in a hug from behind, bending to place a wet kiss on one bare shoulder. Their eyes met in the mirror. Smiling, Jorge raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Marguerite’s own eyes sparkled as she switched off the radio.

by: Michelle4Laughs


  1. Aww this was so cute! I loved it. Short and sweet and all without a trace of dialogue!
    Thanks for sharing Michelle :)

  2. This challenge was to write a story of two characters without any dialogue or thoughts only body language. It won a first on Webook.

  3. Loved this - and I got a definite sense of deja-vu, because I'd already read this on WEbook. Definitely qualifies as short and sweet! :)

  4. Cute story and love the challenge of a non dialogue scene!

  5. This was an interesting read. And quite enjoyable without the need of diologue.



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