Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bits O'Wisdom: Worth It?

**Hello everyone! We have a guest blogger today who would like to share some words of inspiration with us. Is being a writer worth it? Why do we do it? Here are her thoughts on the matter....**

You’re a writer.

Anyone can call themselves that these days. But what does being a writer really mean?

It means life as you know it will suck big ones for the most part. It means long, sleepless, over-caffeinated nights when the voices in your head refuse to stop their incessant yapping. It means looks of admiration from your friends and loved ones that soon turn into pity and finally annoyance, as you strive for that dream of publication.

It means rejection.

It means wanting to bang your head against the wall when the words won’t come. It means getting a day job so you can feed yourself and your family because your writing sure ain’t doing it. Oh yeah. Didn’t anyone tell you that writing doesn’t always pay? No? Well, I hope you’re not too disappointed.

It means rewrites. Editing. It means swallowing critique and more editing. And then when you do happen to get published, it means doing all the above OVER and OVER again for the rest of your life.

I know. When it’s put that way you have to wonder: Why on earth would anyone put themselves through such torture? Why do I bother doing this to myself?

Because…You. Are. A. Writer!

You don’t know where those stories come from or why the need to get them out is there. You just know it’s there inside you. That lust for the written word. That desire for a good story. You were born to do this. You are going to do this!

So you suck it up. You write every day. Every day. Even when you don’t want to. Even when the words are fighting you and the things you write down don’t make any sense. You know your ideas are good. That they are what readers are looking for. So you press on. You ignore the haters. Ignore the looks, the snide remarks about how you’re wasting your time. What do they know? You just wrote a chapter today. Ha! In their faces!

Rejection happens to you. Great! You’re trying! You’re not just sitting around wondering: What if? you’re doing something. So they didn’t like you. Send it again. Start a new story. Kill off your “darlings.” Write the most wretched chapters you’ve ever seen. Then when the burning sensation is gone from your eyes…edit them. Then edit some more. Who’s going to quit? Not you. No way. You keep going. Keep dreaming. Writing.

Yes! Above all else…You keep writing!

Sounds hard, right? Sounds terrifying too I’ll bet. But so what? You’re tough. You’re a writer after all. Writing is hard work. Hard! But the end result, my fellow authors, is so WORTH IT.

~Rue McKinley


  1. Well put, Rue, and so true. I think a lot of people who want to pursue a writing career know little of what's in store for them. It's a good idea for authors to know what they're in for. Thanks for posting this.

  2. That was fantastic Rue...and much needed :) Wonderful post!!


  3. Talk about to the point! I loved this and it was definitely needed. I've been having a hard time with keeping motivation going when it comes to writing. Thx.
    ~ <3 Stacy



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