Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Poetry: Though They Hold Me

(a poem by Matt Gannon)

Through a rolling field I stalk,
Never to turn back on what has been done.
Through this field I can’t ever stop;
In the remainder of my life there is much to be won.

Distance is covered, though the journey has just begun.
Silver rays light my way and the stars in the moon’s shadow help me on.
Nature and man’s cause is with me, but there are those who try to obstruct my way.
Though they hold me, I press onward with Love, life, and passion combined.
In their trodden trail I will’nt stay.

Step unto step leaves markings behind;
Echoing... longing... waiting for someone to find.
The moon shifts with the stars, altering my course.
I find a glass jar on a table, wondering what treasures it stores.

It appears filled with no more than air, but then it is alight with jade embers.
They wisp and they wander, but also clash and collide.
Beautiful and whole, I need to release them, to hold with a touch that is tender
This must be done before I die.

The airy children of my mind and soul flash and dance in that jar.
I wish them free.
If they were, I’d follow them to the very end, no matter how far.
Their light would allow me to feel, to hear, to see.

By some guidance, I know the jar cannot be opened with force.
When it is right, it will crack and shatter.
When it does, I will say ‘Of course!”
And I will certainly enjoy the above latter.

by Matt Gannon


  1. What a great poem! This is a nice segment. I love that you are giving exposure to other writers and not just boasting your own work. LOL. Bravo, Matt. Very nicely written.

  2. LOL Lucy! And it is beautiful :)

  3. I loved the flow of this--unique and lovely.

  4. Very unique read in my stand. And it was beautiful.



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