Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Sweet is This?

The fact that we've received this award twice must mean we are incredibly sweet, right? :)
Thanks to Larissa Hinton for thinking For the Love of Writing is worth awarding. What a great start to the summer!
With this award comes some duties, including giving some facts and nominating some blogs.

So since there are five of us, we'll each give 7 facts about ourselves. This is going to be fun!


1.) We have two dogs and three birds.
2.) I love taking walks.
3.) I hate humidity.
4.) I get sick after I fly on a plane, not before.
5.) I can't stop eating Pringles or M&Ms
6.) I'm only 5' tall.
7.) My children say I wear old lady sweaters.

D.F. Matthews

1.) Was hospitalized for drinking too much coffee.
2.) Cooking is my secondary passion.
3.) Has trouble finding size fifteen shoes.
4.) Is a pen snob. (Get that Bic pen outta here!!)
5.) At the age of nine my first writings were fictional news reports for Looney Toons.
6.) Failed English in 8th grade. (Not my fault :P)
7.) I LOVE coffee!!

Madelaine Bauman

1.) I have entire conversations with myself when I'm bored.
2.) I love going for a late night walk, especially on Halloween.
3.) For some reason I like imitating wolf howls.
4.) I love storms.
5.) Music really helps with writing. I can't write without it on.
6.) I like to create strange food combinations.
7.) Some days I like writing without any lights on in the house. Just the dark and me.

Raven Clark

1.) Give me lots of writing materials and I'd be happiest on a desert island with no one and nothing around me for months.
2.) I love sticking my face in my cat's fur.
3.) I eat my french fries with butter and I'm addicted to pickles.
4. I can go up to three days without sleep and switch from sleeping in the day to sleeping at night without warning.
5.) I act out scenes from my books out loud.
6.) I have a huge addiction to the concept of animal human half breeds, especially predatory ones.
7.) I once wrote 400 pages in two weeks. Wish I could figure out how I did it so I could do it again....and again...and again

Ree Vera

1.) For a brief period, singing was my job.
2.) I have an unhealthy addiction to seafood. Especially sardines in mustard sauce.
3.) I've never worn a bikini, but I have gone skinny dipping.
4.) I. Love. History. I love reading about it, learning about it, lectures...oh my.
5.) I like wearing fake eyelashes. Especially ones with glitter.
6.) Knitting calms me. It may be 'granny-ish' but I like it.
7.) I wear flip flops year round.

And here are the blogs we've chosen to nominate:

1.) procrastinate? writenow.
2.) A Storyteller's Musings
3.) The Art of an Artist
4.) It's a Radiant World
5.) Crazy Lady with a Pen
6.) A Shade Tree
7.) Oasis for YA
8.) Writings, Workouts, and Were-Jaguars


  1. Not sure why it's not letting me log in with my account but I'll do this as anonymous and just add my name at the end. I was LOL through your facts. :D I feel like I know you guys a little better. @Michelle You seemed taller than five feet. Not sure how I could think that just from a picture though lol. @Madelaine I like imitating wolf howls too!! @DFMatthews How can one be hospitalized from too much coffee??! @Raven I agree with the seclusion thing. All I need is writing materials and I am a happy woman. @Ree I can't believe you knit.
    Hooray for the award! Congrats guys!

  2. This was fun :) Thanks for including me guys

  3. You're so welcome! We look forward to reading your post :)

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