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FEATURED AUTHOR: Julieanne Lynch

February's featured author is Julieanne Lynch!

Ree Vera: Tell us about yourself, Julieanne.

Julieanne: Well, first things first. I am a thirty-something, sometimes domestic goddess, married to my childhood sweet heart and a mother of four children. I first started writing when I was eleven years old, after falling in love with Lewis Caroll's "Alice in Wonderland." I began drafting my own stories, penning songs, scripts, and reading book after book. As I got older, my writing became an outlet to me whilst battling school bullies. I found the whole process of creating my own worlds therapeutic and, in a sense, my creativity saved me. At sixteen I penned my first novel, "Dynamite" and pretty much wrote consistently after that. I write mainly genre fiction, with urban fantasy being my favorite. However, I also like to work in horror and erotica and have also penned one mainstream fiction novel. At present I am waiting for the release date by my publisher and hope to have my book in the stores by summer.

Ree Vera: Why should people read your work?

Julieanne: People should read my work because I delve beyond the boundaries of our typical folklore tales. I take creatures and make them my own. I love writing about Vampires, Angels, Demons, and twisting things as I go along. I also love a good love story, but like dabbling with heartbreak and inner turmoil. Most of all, I love to shock my readers.

Ree Vera: What are you currently working on?

Julieanne: At present, I am working on book 2 in my Shadow World series, "Walking with Shadows." I am also writing a book called Ice Goddess and a few short stories.

Ree Vera: Is there a place people can view samples of your writing?

Julieanne: I have posted some short stories in my blogs and there are also some snippets of my work in the discussions tab on my Facebook page. Below is a short snippet of Chapter 7 of "In the Shadows," my debut novel.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this amazing aspiring author. If you would like to contact Julieanne Lynch, here is how:

Blog:  Sometimes, Even I Talk Nonsense
Twitter: @Funkyjules
Live Journal:  The Dark Side
Facebook:  Julieanne Lynch Aspiring Author

"In the Shadows" (chapter 7)

Alarming as it may be, I was quite excited. Sounds pretty crazy, but I got caught up in the moment, and being made a fuss of was definitely something I could get used to. But as always, reality has a nasty way of hitting you hard in the face.

I walked behind Atarah and Angelika as they led me through corridors that looked like something out of a gothic fairy tale. The walls were a strange shade of pomegranate; its boldness illuminated by softly lit candles. The wooden floors were temporarily covered with a bluish red runner that ran the whole length of the hall. Amaranthine drapes hung over the grand bay windows. The air had a distinct aroma, I couldn't quite place the smell, but I was sure it was incence, its strong fragrant smoke brushed the back of my nostrils resulting in a few disapproving sneezes.

Sniffling, "Excuse me!" as we entered the hall, through a large set of oak doors.

It was a very dramatic entrance. Stood below me were hundreds of unknown faces. A few stood out, but they were strangers all the same. They wore a mixture of black and purple clothes.

The women dressed in floor length gowns, their hair pulled back tight and their hands covered by long lace gloves. The men's attire consisted of black herringbone frockcoats with matching black trousers. All wore purple shirts with black cravats.

I looked around trying to find Alex, and there he stood, with Leonid in front of an altar. It was the most spectacular thing I had ever seen. Lit canldes and floral arrangments of violets, orchids, red roses, lilies and irises filled the entire room. The scent was overwhelming.

Silence fell, and all eyes were on me. My stomach churned and panic set in. I wanted to run through the doors and as far from here as I could but behind me were two large men standing in front of the doors. They weren't going to move for me.

I stood alone and watched the smile spread across Alex's face as he ushered me to him.

I must have floated down the stairs as I can't remember walking down. The crowd moved as I walked through an aisle strewn with rose petals.

Alex looked amazing. I had never seen him look so handsome. He wore identical clothes to the rest of the men, except his cravat matched the grey marl in the sash I wore around my waist. His smile radiated the whole room and in normal circumstances it would have melted my heart, but there was something sinister in his eyes.

The deep redness flickered in the light of the candles.

I was so out of my depth.

Taking my hand he led me to a stoe slab in front of the altar. Shaking, my voice qui

vered as I whsipered to him.

"What's going on?"

"It's your consecration. Remember, you will be blessed tonight. Just follow my lead."

He was so calm and expected me to mirror his demure behavior. But I was anything but calm. Sweat began to seep in the palms of my hands. So many eyes were on me.

Breathe, Giselle, just breathe!

Alex directed me to lie down on the stone slab. I obliged and rested my body on the coldness of the concrete beneath me. Incense filled the space around mem; no air just smoky fumes. Four men stood at each corner of the slab, each holding a staff. Their eyes filled with the crimson tide that was visible in both Alex and Leonid. Alex stood back and disappeared behind his father. I was alone with the strange men, each mumbling to himself.

From the alter came the voice of someone I knew.


"Tonight, we rejoice in the awakening of our sister Giselle. She will be the vessel in which our new blood will run. It has been spoken by our forefathers that a mortal will bore the child of our beloved Prince Alexander. Our Goddess Lilith, bless this union and with her consent we will commence."

Not a sound was heard. I lay still and held my own breath. Wind blew around the room sending shivers down my spine.


  1. Another great interview. I'm looking forward to more! On my way to follow this blog :)

  2. Thanks for bringing this writer to light. Can't wait to see next month's

  3. I really liked that short story. Wish it hadn't ended there :( Ah well...Great interview :D

  4. I have to admit that I was hooked too. No worries though, her book will be coming out soon!

  5. Thanks for the interview and the comments above. Much appreciated. I'll keep you posted on the release date. :)

  6. Oh I really must check out her stuff. This snippet left me wanting more more more!

  7. Thanks Julieanne!
    And do follow her blog, Lucy. It's pretty great :)

  8. Interesting author. I will keep an eye out for when her book comes out. And by that I mean I'll wait for you to announce it lol.

  9. Ah so it is monthly :) I may have to email you asking if I can be a part of this.



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