Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bits O'Wisdom: Social Networks--TWITTER

**Please know that I am talking about you as a writer. If you are trying to start a fanbase or keep one..published or unpublished. NOT if you are just a twitter junkie who likes to use it for personal use. Just wanted to make that clear before I get hate comments**

Thus begins a Social Network frenzy! This Wednesday it is all about Twitter.

Oh, you know what it is. Even if you don't have one, you'd be hard pressed to live in this world and not hear about Twitter. I am the least technologically savvy person ever...I'm sure...but even I have succumb to this social network beast. :) Oh yes. It took me a while to get the hang of it but now that I know...I'm so addicted. You can find me on Twitter most of the time and I love it! I'm not ashamed to admit that.

I am a Twitterholic--hear me roar!

But as all other social networks, there are wrong ways to do it.

So yes, there are wrong ways. I have scoured the internet for them  (the Do's and Don'ts) asked fellow Twitter-friends, and added my own personal opinions. I've narrowed them down to 10.

1.) Don't NOT put anything in the 'About Me' section...
Um yeah. No. If you have nothing there, then how am I supposed to know you and I are compatible? I don't. Exactly! Are you a fellow writer? Are you an artist? Actor? Blogger? Mom? Dad? Loving grandma? I have no idea. So why should I follow you?

2.) Don't protect your tweets....
You might have a good reason to do this, but if you are trying to build and/or keep a fanbase--there is NO good reason to do this. Nothing turns away a follower faster than a person who privatizes their tweets. I mean, what is it you are tweeting that I can't see? Really?

3.) Don't NOT respond to @ messages...
Ok. So you're not Conan O'Brien or Kim K, or the friggin Rock. You also have the option on Twitter to check out who has @ you lately. Therefore you should respond accordingly. Seriously guys, followers are always overjoyed when someone they follow tweets them back. Celebrity status or not. You might not be there yet but you know what? You WILL be there someday. So start now. And don't ever lose that personability.

4.) Don't just promote yourself/book/site/etc...
You are not an infomercial. So don't imitate them. It's perfectly fine to advertise your book/blog/etc...I mean, that is why you are on this social network right? Durr. But when EVERY tweet is about just that--you are going to drive ppl away. Same thing with ONLY promoting your stuff (book/blog/etc). There a LOT of people who do this. Mainly because they've been told that they should be on social networks such as Twitter, but then they only do that promotional tweet. The 'Once Every Two Month' tweet. My book is coming out soon! My book is on sale! But then they disappear and aren't heard from until the next release date.

5.) Don't Direct Message new followers...
Nothing makes followers more nervous--or just annoyed--than someone who DM's them saying: Thanks for following and please check out my website/book/ boring-my-butt-doesn' LOL. Just saying...

6.) Don't constantly be negative or hatefull...
Ok. As I have written about before--venting is good. But you need to know when and where it belongs. It's just fine at times but if that is all you are tweeting about then you really need to rethink your approach.

7.) Don't just follow everyone who follows you....
I know you want to be nice and stuff but really? Can you really follow 10k followers? Kudos if you can! But realistically, it's just not possible. While most celebrities have thousands if not millions of followers, it doesn't mean that they are engaging with anyone. They could just be in to it for the promotion. So I'm telling you--don't just follow anyone and everyone who follows you.

8.) Don't only Tweet or reTweet inspirational quotes...
Life is not a pocket of sunshine so don't make it seem like that.

9.) YES be personable and approachable...
We're not perfect. Our lives are not always glamorous. So what makes you think your readers want to read such tweets? They don't! They would much rather see real, every day people tweeting about thier lives. Personable. Make sure you are someone your followers can relate to.

10.) YES to the lists!...
Lists are a great way to select a great group of your followers whom you can follow yourself, while still following X-amount of other followers in the other group. Lists can be used for only your best followers at first, but as time goes on, adding anyone else in (lets say a new follower who has a deep connection w/the main hero or heroine in your story) your followers group can be added as easily as typing her name in the message bos.

We are authors. We want people to buy our books, read our blogs. So let's not alienate them. :)

Make sure you follow us! :D

Madelaine Bauman @MadBauman
Raven Clark @ravenclark1
D.F. Matthews @dfmatthews32
Minerva (Ree Vera) @ReeVera7

Happy Writing!



  1. Thanks for the tips - great post!

  2. You're welcome! So glad you liked :)

  3. Good tips here, Ree. You narrowed down some key points and I can definitely list off a few ppl on twitters (authors) who need to read this. Lol. Can't wait to see the other social networks you bring up :D

  4. LOL Yes, I have had quite a few Twitterers who might drive me away but that is why I love lists :) Thanks for reading! Facebook is next :D



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