Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Poetry: Uninvited & Vous

by: lilith


you sweep in, all smoothness and silk
who are you to drink from my well
as you would your Mother's milk?
who are you to assume the coins
will land on the side you choose?
foolish to think they fall in your favor
you know I don't like to lose

you deal the cards, trumping the Queen of Lust
you think it's clever you stacked the deck
but take care you don't go bust
for i hold my cards close
i never reveal my hand
so place your bet, dear sir
don't wait for the river to make a stand

you think your numbers lucky, your web's been spun
you think your prey is caught, your trap holding fast
you think you've already won
yet in one short spin I'll be free
beginning my own delicate weave
dare you tread on my creation?
for if you're trapped, you'll never leave

Shall I tell thee my deepest secrets?
Shall I bare my soul without shame?
Shall I tell thee how my fever burns
Each time you speak my name?
Would these things trouble thee?
Would they make you turn away,
Leaving me with only the heartache
I feel when night turns to day?

So I must tell you quickly
Before you pass me by
I fear to pose such inquiries
For I am still a bit too shy
Yet you've cast a spell over me
I do nothing but think of thee
So I must know one thing:
Do you do nothing but think of me?

by: lilith


  1. You had me with the poker references in 'Uninvited'. LOL Both were awesomely dark and lyrical and I would love to read more. Great job lilith!!

  2. I liked both but Uninvited was my favorite too. It flowed well and that end line was great!

  3. Brilliantly written with just enough darkness around the edges. Perfect!



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