Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Poetry: Revenge

Breathe in
Blink away the tears
Show me all the pain you have
Let me be your fear

Take life
The best there is
I choose to let you live this way
He gives me all that’s his

Catch up
Tell me what you weep
Don’t you know it’s all a game?
I never lose my sleep

Your soul
It’s all I want
After what you’ve done to me
Let me be this blunt

You shiver
And so you should
I’m coming for your heart my dear
Like I said I would

A caress
A friendly glance
Has led you both to this moment
Now let us dance

Why now?
Didn’t you know?
I always take what’s mine
I never say for show

You lie
Just like before
Only this time I put you there
With him
On his bedroom floor


  1. Read this on your page, Ree Vera, but I still like it :) It's what goes through every woman's mind when she's been screwed with ha ha



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