Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So a few of you probably noticed that each time y'all checked out my blog, the site had a new background and layout. That's because I've been messing with a bunch of different templates and designs, trying to get it the way I want it. At last, I think I'm satisfied. Welcome to the new look of For the Love of Writing (FTLOW) Do you like?
I just wanted to point out a few things for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to browse through everything on here. And for new followers.

Pages! Up at the top!

Home--What pops up as soon as you come here.

Poetry N Shorts--Where you can find the links for the weekend segments.

Write 4 You--Great sites that can help you excell as a writer.

My Journal--What I've been up to for the day. In case you wanna know.

Writer's United--Another great blog I'm a part of (still in the making)

Random Ree--More of my bio and random facts about me.

Contact Me--Need to get ahold of me? Here is where you find out how!

FAQs--Answers to some questions you might have.

On the left:

Weekly Prompt
A new one each week and something to help you break that horrid writer's block.

Weekly Quote
While FTLOW's fb page will have new quotes more often, I'll only post a new one here weekly.

There you are! If you haven't followed, please do. For those of you who have...much love!

Fenriswulf Books
Check out this site! And while you're there, note the FTLOW banner that's up there. :)

Worth a Look!
Here is a list of authors whose writing I enjoy. Most of them have been with me from the very beginning!

Share with Friends
Please do! Like the blog of the day? Share, share, share!

Subscribe To
In case you really want to get serious about following ;)

Popular Posts
Want to check out what everyone really liked? Look here!

Facebook Badges
There is my author page and the FTLOW page. Shows how many fans and latest status.

On the right side...

Total Page Views
How many times ppl have viewed ths blog!

Search FTLOW
Can't find a blog post? Search for it (and lots more) here.

About the Author
Yeah...yours truly

For Writers
Just an fyi for ya

Blog Archive
This pretty much explains itself.

Twitter Updates
See my last four tweets.

Some of the blogs I follow.

Latest Poll
Oh yeah! Scroll down...keep going....


Click on it to check out my website

Vote, vote, vote! Results will be shared when poll closes.

Hope y'all like the new look! I promise tomorrow there will be an actuall blog post and not just me bragging on my mad decorative skills :)

Happy Writing!



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