Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whatcha Reading Tuesday!!

Boo! LOL Just kidding :) It's Whatcha Reading Tuesday!! Come and share what you're reading with us, whatever it may be. Whether it be a book, a comic, a script, a sign telling you to stop blogging while driving, anything!! And with Halloween around the corner, what writer gives you the chills?


  1. I'm reading White Cat by Holly Black and Dust by Arthur Slade. Favorite Scary writer....Stephen King with Bentley Little a distant second.

  2. Still working on Stephen King's It, and Darkest Kiss by Showalter. Hey, It is almost 1100 pages, give me slack. lol.

    Stephen King would have to be the writer that gives me the most chills. I love him.

    Is that Black Cat any good? I was thinking of getting it.



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