Friday, October 7, 2011

Check It Out!! Mark It To-Read!! Buy It!!

Hey y'all, let's show some love to Kitty K. Free's funny and sexy new book:

Confessions of a Serial Masturbator.

Masturbation is the catalyst for a much needed life change, in this the oft quirky, humorous and inspirational story of a woman's journey of self-discovery.

This is the tale of how mild mannered, utterly lonely, socially inept, thoroughly bored, bookkeeper, Breezy Deigh, transforms her stiff and stifled, lackluster existence, to become a bona fide masturbation cult hero.

Breezy Deigh, has the same frustrations many share; an unfulfilling job, a humdrum social life, and a non-existent love life, all tepidly spinning in a maddening cycle of work, sleep, bouts of TV dependency and strawberry cheesecake.

She also has another frustration that many women share - she's never truly had an orgasm.

But Breezy's life is headed full speed for change. A budding friendship with co-workers Cinderella and Gia, leads to a chance encounter with "Pumpkin Eater Peter,” the man who would bring her to her first heart stopping, breath taking, and completely addictive orgasm.

An evening of frustration, a trip to a toy store, and a dildo fairy, initiates Breezy's obsession with masturbation. Her crave to climax sends her on journey of self-exploration, that will change her life, and the lives of many others. Along the way, she has a falling out with a family member, an affair—of sorts—with a neighbor, opens up to the possibilities of love, is caught in the act, and falls victim to a scandalous masturbation misunderstanding, that will forever alter her life, and catapult her from a super average nine to fiver, to the most infamous masturbator the world has ever seen.

You can find here on Amazon for a steal!

So go get your copy now. And I do mean NOW :)

~Ree Vera

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