Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whatcha Reading Tuesday!!

One more time, say it loud, say it proud...Whatcha Reading Tuesday!! Come on and share what you're reading with us :) From books to comics to the ingredigents in water. Anything at all, just share here on the blog and keep the love of reading alive. And answer our little question: Describe the best reading/ writing enviroment. As always love y'all!!


  1. I'm reading the first novel in Gina Showalter's Atalntis series, Heart of the Dragon. And it sounds pretty basic, I know, but my favorite reading spot will always be my couch. LOL. It's SO comfortable!

  2. Just finished reading a book but now am starting on the Chicago Stars series again by Susan E. Phillips. I'm obsessed. Lol.
    And I like reading on the couch or on my bed. Sometimes outside on the grass. :)

  3. I'm reading The Wizard of Oz and Runemarks. And my dream place to read is propped up in a mess of pillows with my kiddies reading or writing or drawing as well :D

  4. I'm reading some things on my writing community. Feedback swapping and all. I like reading with my kids as well.



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