Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bits O'Wisdom: Calling All Writers!

Ok, so lately I've been getting some tweets and messages asking about author branding and websites for both published and non published authors. Questions like, "Should I be establishing an online presence even if I'm not published yet?" or "Should I make a website if I'm not published?" and then "I'm getting published. What should my website say?" Among others.

I was going to write a post in answer to these questions but after five pages of typing I realized this just wouldn't do for a Bits O'Wisdom. Not just one post anyway.

So I thought that I'd reserve this post for y'all to post whatever questions you have on author branding, websites, (for published and non published authors) exposure, the comment section below. That way I can make sure all the areas y'all have questions on are covered.

So ask away!!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to read that post! I can't think of any questions offhand, lol. But it's the kind of thing I wonder about all the time, so any info on it would be fantastic. Looking forward to it!

  2. Well, I would like to know if one should establish a following. I mean, what if what I write never gets published??? Ugh! Am I a scaredy cat or what? lol

  3. How much time is reasonable to build your brand in a day or week before you have to question if you're branding or writing?

  4. I don't have time to create or run a website right now but I'm wondering if I should reserve my domain name now? I heard you should. Then I hear that I should have a website even if I'm not published because I need to have a following. I'm on Twitter but nobody seems to follow me and those who do don't really communicate with me. I write horror so my tweets aren't exactly happy go lucky. Should they be? I liked the post on social networking. Would it be possible to do another? Perhaps elaborate on the subject? Thanks.

  5. I'm kind of with Miss River above on this. What if my stuff is never published? Should I still build a following? Or even advertise myself as a writer?

  6. Problems in diversification: I've been plugging this stuff seriously now for 3 years and find I'm still spreading very thinly. I appreciate that someone who may like one thing I do may not like anything else, given that I've covered graphic novels, underground comics, weird fiction, dark adult thrillers and surreal fantasy in that time, and am currently working on a wilderness animal adventure for younger readers. How to market such a butterfly mind that can float between such extremes of genre? That's rather why my blog and Facebook page are pushed as [self-]publishers, rather than pushing myself as a writer or general creator. Hence the rather distinctive corporate identity and logo... but it's a dilemma I've tried hard not to think too much about... 'til you mentioned it >:-)



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