Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whatcha Reading Tuesday!!

It's that time again for Whatcha Reading Tuesday!! Come on and share with us what you're reading. Spread the love of reading one book, blog, magazine, comic book, or contents label of pickled pig's feet at a time :) And this week's question is what is your all time favorite book?


  1. Oh my. All time favorite? Hmm...I love The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell.
    I'm reading my old poetry this week. Getting ready for something :)

  2. I'm reading the Harry Potter series again. Can you believe Rowling broke with her agent?? Damn. I'd be pissed. Wonder why she did it. More money? That's a shame. My all time favorite book? I can't pick just one. But my all time favorite author is Nora Roberts. Oh yeah :D

  3. I'm currently reading the Stephany Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I love her wit and humor. I love the Harry Potter books also. Picking my all time favorite... I don't know that I've read it yet. :)

    PS: strangely, this is a question I asked on my site as well! If you like, come and comment and get entered to win my monthly giveaway! TheWriteJourney dot com.



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