Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Poetry: Surge

by: lilith
I want to touch your immortal soul,
caress your dark heart,
drink from your well,
walk on your waves,
be submerged by your sea.
Should I dip my toes
carefully, cautiously?
Or plunge fully,
fiercely, freely;
without care should you
spit me upon the sands
or swallow me in your surge?
My wish is to hear your voice;
in my head,
flowing thru my ears,
thrumming against my palms
as I embrace your bones,
nudging your conciousness
with my need.
Yet dare I make contact,
crashing myself into
your existence,
shaking your tree
til the fruits plummet into my grasp?
I rage with insecurity,
once blown apart
by impetuous desire,
my heart no longer sure
what is lie and what is truth.
So should I suffice
with silence;
only my verse to express
my wonderment,
and be content with the presence
that haunts me ever
in my dreams?

Copyright ©2011 Spiritwind Studios Ltd

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