Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Poetry: And The World Always Turns/She Was a Dandelion Seed in the Wind

And the World Always Turns

She walks somewhere I do not know
And I wish I was there
But love in time I did not show
That I for her did care.
It matters not in lifes scheme
That in love with her was I
That of her I did often dream
But to say so was too shy,
So I have lost and that is life
My heart with loves pains burns
She will be someone elses wife
And the world always turns.

And I surely with the coming of time
Another I shall find
Worthy to tributes write in rhyme
But still there in my mind
The lady of the sweetest smile
Who exuded such grace
For whom Id have crawled many a mile
Will always hold a place.
Others she meets she may welcome
Other men sometimes she spurns
She'll know not the love of where Im from
And the world always turns.

She Was A Dandelion Seed in the Wind

Once upon a time in a garden
There was a seed that the wind blew
Dancing, like a ballerina in the air
Up and down and round it threw
In a dance that was enchanting
The parachuted passenger seed of dandelion
In the flamenco passion of the wind
Looking like a creation devine
And chance would tell where it lay
And time would tell where it grew
Such a seed was she blowing into my life
That girl from Italy I once knew.

Sometimes you have to catch a seed
To hold it close and lose it never
But I let her blow away
And so lost her forever
I will never forget her smile
Though I forget her last name
That dandelion seed in my life
That I failed to plant and tame.

All dandelion seeds are the same they say
And true as that may be
I knew in my heart there was the chance
She was the one for me.
But if the garden of my heart
Was good for her to grow
I never had the courage to ask
And so, shall never know.

So when you see a dandelion seed you desire
Grasp it in your hand
And blow its parachute away
With love... strand by strand.
Or you will be like me
Full of regret because
A wind blew her over the garden wall of my life
And I lost a love that never was.


  1. Thanks for publishing my poem!!! Hope your readers like it, there are more from the series on my website!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I hope to read more from you. You have some great poetry :)

  3. Beautiful. The imagery and wording....all of it. I hope you post more!
    ~Alexandra Velasquez



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