Monday, January 30, 2012

R.I.P. (wRite In Peace)


            You may be wondering what in the world that picture is of. Short answer is a tote full of notebooks. Long answer is this is a tomb for lost stories. Does anyone else have their own version of this? A place where your ideas, thoughts, and characters go to rest in peace? Please tell me I’m not the only one! *Sigh* I take it from the deafening silence I may well be…or maybe the silence is because this is a computer screen and not an audience. Hmmmm, anyway.

            See? That’s the problem right there. You get going on one thought, then bam! Another thought makes its way in your head. Then that thought takes over the next one until the next thought comes along to replace that thought, so on and so on. Ugh! There I go again. Another idea totally derailed and off in the ditch. Okay, now to get on track. Let me say a few words for the dearly departed. Ahem. Heads bowed in silence please.

To the stories left behind, the ones started and put away before their lives were done, to you I say I'm sorry. It wasn't you're fault. I blame my scatterbrain on that. It comes and goes, sticks and unsticks from many things before finally starting to settle on one thing. Perhaps I will come back you. Okay I will come back to you...someday.

To the ideas thought up in the midnight hour. Wow, I look back at you and *phew* many of you are so out of the box they seem like a Seuss/ H.G. Wells child threw up an imagination rainbow. And then some are so far out of the box that I can't imagined where I would go with you. Does that mean I don't want to try? Of course not, but will it be worth my time? Of course not. I'm barely making it through the stories I do have a grasp on. You're wackiness is much appreciated and keeps me pressing on to create new things.

To those first drafts. We had a great run, didn't we? Some of you were actually finished. It was nerves, my silly and terrible nerves, that kept you from becoming more. All I had to do was push through on some edits and boom you would have been something. But I'm still dealing with those demons, but believe me when I say I will come back to you.

To the dumb ideas, you know who you are. Maybe it's better you stay in there. Nobody needs to know that idea was dumb. Moving on!!

To the random murmurs, I love and miss you the most. Looking back on you I can picture where I was when I wrote you, what mood, what time of day, heck some of you I can tell what I was eating as the remnants of those meals are on you. LOL

The point I'm trying to make is you make me who I am. Each failure, almost success, each try, and stop defines me. I am scatterbrained. I am a little unfocused. I am an imaginative. I am a writer. And for that I am eternally grateful for you. I will come back to you one day.


            Okay, you can raise your heads now. Oh and say a little pray for your own lost tales. Tell them you’ll be back for them. J


  1. "Seuss and H.G. Wells threw up an imagination rainbow." ROTFL!! That's just beyond brilliant. :D

    I love this post. I suddenly feel incredibly nostalgic toward the reams of old stories I have lying in every cubby hole in my house. LOL!

    1. Glad you liked it Caw Caw :) And they would totally make an imagination rainbow :P

  2. I still can't believe how many stories I have started and never finished. And I know that some will probably never have an ending. But that doesn't stop me from starting new ones. Lol. It's fun to look back at them sometimes cuz it always brings to mind the excitement I felt at the time, when I was scribbling down the idea in a fury :)



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