Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Review: Kiera's Quest

There's something different about Kiera. Something even she can't put her finger on, but she's about to take off on the adventure of her life time, though Kiera doesn't know that quite yet.
All her young life she's been plagued by dreams of a faraway land. A place as strange as it is familiar to her, where danger awaits around almost every corner. And something else...the comforting presence of someone she was destined for. Kiera must race against time to save Zak, the Prince of Zantar, from the evil Witch Queen, and fight to save the two worlds whose survival rests on her shoulder.
Kristy Brown's debut novel is a fantastic story of adventure and betrayal, cleverly blended with characters that will steal you from the very first page.
When it comes to Kiera and her friends, the author does a brilliant job in letting their story unfold the way it was meant to. Her use of imagery and dialogue make this novel a promising start to what is sure to be an amazing writing career.
i highly recomend this book to both adults and teenagers alike.
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