Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Poetry: Joyful

By: Ilessa Holt

My heart skips
My soul leaps
A dance I don't know
Moves my feet

My laugh sounds
My joy abounds
A love I knew not
Spins me 'round

A joyful laugh
Such sorrow gone
My dreams are things to
Which I hold on

Too many times
I've lost my way
How can I go
Without my say?

Your kiss remains
Your lips they speak
Where once my spirit
Never reached

By: Ilessa Holt

**Ilessa Holt is a pen name for a very talented twelve year old poet. She is cautious of her privacy but would love to hear what you think.**


  1. Fantastic piece!! I'd love to read more. Please,pretty please.

  2. Great job Ilessa! You have a way with words that I truly enjoy :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Bravo my dear! You have exceptional talent for someone so young. I really enjoyed this.
    ~Alice W.

  4. Wow this is so good. Congrats Illessa. You really have a gift. I hope you continue to write.



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