Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bits O'Wisdom: Venting

There will come a time when something pisses you off. Whether it's a bad review, mean critique, or a rejection letter you don't feel you deserved. Anger and resentment will boil beneath the surface until you can't hold it in any longer.
Then what happens?
Oh yeah. Big time.
Which is fine. There is a time for everything and that includes venting. Stometimes you just gotta let it out. It helps you feel better. Well, it certainly helps me feel better :)
But just as there is a time for everything--there is also a place for it.
WRTIERS! The internet is NOT that place.
Oh, I understand how much social networks can be. I probably enjoy twittering more than I should heh heh and I'll say pretty much anything and everything that is on my mind. From how my writing is going to what I ate for dinner the night before. And yeah, at times when I'm having a dumpy day I'll let everyone know that too. I've also seen plenty of other people, writers included, tweeting or fbing about how suckish this or that was. Which is just fine. A little complaining never hurt anyone.
But there is a difference between complaining and publicly bashing someone.
For example:
"So and So is such a bastard. His reviews suck. Don't ever read them."
"I can't believe So and So made that remark about my writing! What does she know?"
"Stupid agent So and So...don't ever query them."

It's comments such as these that I'm talking about. DON'T DO IT.
Naming names is not only uncool--it makes you look unprofessional.
Yeah, I know. You may want to humiliate the ppl who 'wronged' you but in reality the only one you're going to end up humiliating is yourself.
Critics are a dime a dozen and let's face it...Crap happens.
So take it in style and be gracious.
Then grab a good buddy and (in private) let loose all those angry emotions.


  1. So true. I saw the link on the FTLOW page and that one author really screwed herself over with the way she acted. I love when author's are personable on their twitter and fb pages but when they bash's not appealing and makes them lose major points with me. Nice little tip :)

  2. Awesome post. I've seen some pretty unprofessional stuff from writers on networks and I also saw the one that author did, the one Nina mentioned. Atrocious. Every writer who ever feels like ranting like that in public should read this. Thanks for posting it.


  3. You are absolutely right! I've heard of authors being blackballed for posting angry vents. Even Facebook with private settings can get one in trouble.

    On the other hand, it is important to vent. About a week ago, an author on my SCBWI listserv vented about a man in her crit group who had the nerve to steal an idea from her in his book and actually tell her that he did it because he knew she'd never get published. Of all the nerve! Although she didn't mention his name, this act did anger the entire organization and seemed like her venting was done appropriately.


  4. That is one of the downsides of social networks and the internet in general. Once you post's pretty much permanent, and can come back and bite you even years down the road.

    I believe venting is good, but it shouldn't be done in a way that blasts someone's name--whether or not they deserve it. It seems as though the author you mentioned did it in the right way by not mentioning the man's name. I'm angry for her. That was a low thing for him to do. Thanks for reading Joyce! :)

  5. I read the link on the FTLOW page as well. It was horrible the way that author acted. A little funny though. It seemed she ruined her own reputation and not the person who gave her the bad review. How upsetting.
    Great little bit of wisdom Ree!

  6. Ha! I read that one review too :)
    Really bad.

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