Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yes that's right. For the Love of Writing now has 51 followers! I have been happy dancing all morning long. Some in my mind, some for real. Heh heh.
I wanted to do a quick post and thank everyone who has taken the time to follow this blog. Especially those of you who have been following from the start. Back when it wasn't FTLOW. When it was just a jumbled mess of ideas still waiting to take root.
This blog has gone through more than a dozen changes and the fact that y'all have stuck by really means a lot.
I do have an announcement to make. Since we're on the subject of change.
This blog was created with the idea of it being a haven for writers of all kinds. With that in mind, the blog will be having new authors come on board. So please give a welcome to:

Madelaine Bauman
D.F. Matthews
Raven Clark
There will be a team page going up soon where you can see a little more about these great people. Not only great people but great writers.

So what's in store for FTLOW?
Well for one, there will be more posts on a regular basis. I know I tend to slack off and with the way technology is repelled by me...weeks often go by without a peep from this blog. That is definitely something that will change. OH and if you haven't yet, please 'like' our Facebook Page :)

More updates will come this week so keep an eye out!

Happy Writing!


  1. Oh wow that's so great! I see big things happening for this blog and I can't wait :)

  2. Nice to soon be a part of this blog. I hope I can do it justice.

  3. I know I don't comment too often but I always read the posts and I am one of those followers who has been around from the very start. Oh I remember the time when this was brand new and to see how much it's grown and how great it's become makes me incredibly happy for you. I'm excited about these new authors! Welcome everyone! Can't wait to see what changes are in store for this blog.

  4. Aw Lucy thank you for your words :) Made my evening just a little brighter! Yes you have been here from the start and I'm so grateful to have such a devoted follower. You are going to love these new authors! They are brilliant.

    @Michelle4Laughs Oh you will. You are great at what you do and your style will be a welcome addition to this blog!



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