Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!


God I praise you,
thank you for sending
me an angel..
From the heavens
above, to take care
of me.

... I love her so dearly,
she means the world
to me.

Having her by my side,
I feel invincible !!

Nothing can ever
come between us,
we're inseparable !!

I'm overwhelmed
with her love..

I love her so much !!

Nothing I wouldn't do
to hold her forever.

She's changed my
life for the better.
And on this special day,
called mother's day..

I want the world to know,
how much I love her...

I'll do anything for her !!

We're two hearts
that beat as one.

I'll shadow her every

Mom I love you with
all my heart !!

I thank the heavens above..

For the greatest mom of all.

Happy mothers day mommy.

Written by: Poet Shi
April 24 2012

The Words Of A Child
To His Mother:

Being loved by my mommy
means so much to me.

She's my ray of hope,
that's why I love her so
A gift from above,
brought down from the

To love and take care
of me.

Truly blessed it is I,
to have you for a mother.

From that very second,
I was in your belly..

I was frighten of my new
surroundings, but just
the sound of your voice
made it all better.

I remember when you
would sing me lullabies,
and put me to sleep..

Such a blessing for me.

As I waited in anticipation,
until that day that we meet.

I remember that burst of
energy, when I first was

When I open my eyes
with caution, to this
beautiful person..

I would call my mother.

Written by: Poet Shi

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  1. Very beautiful the artistic view on this
    awesome write :)



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